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SQLRental: The Ultimate Rental Management Solution 

The Ultimate Rental Management System

SQLRental was originally developed for two of the largest distributors of communications equipment in the US and has grown to become a comprehensive Rental Management System suitable for General Equipment Rental as well as Radio Rental Businesses.  

Designed to support virtually any sized Rental organization, SQLRental becomes particularly valuable for companies that must manage large, diverse Rental inventories and have a need for true contract flexibility for the life of a Rental Agreement.

Since 1997 SQLRental has helped manage rental operations in organizations who demand a lot of their systems. These companies have some common expectations of their rental software - namely measurable improvements in productivity, integration, availability and performance.

Key Benefits

Productivity - SQLRental removes the barriers to user productivity while providing the tools you need to increase both profitability and customer satisfaction.

SQLRental has been designed to also provide a collaborative environment for all members of your Rental Team (Sales, Fulfillment, Accounting, etc.) ensuring that relevant contract events are shared with 'need to know' decision makers.

Integration - SQLRental sets a new standard in general purpose and radio rental software integration by interoperating with Microsoft Office and a number of popular Accounting Systems - thereby leveraging your existing accounting software investment:

  • Microsoft® Great Plains

  • Microsoft® Office Accounting

  • Quickbooks™  (Q2 2010)

SQLRental: The Ultimate Rental Management Solution with Great Plains IntegrationSQLRental: The Ultimate Rental Management Solution with Microsoft Office Accounting Integration SQLRental: The Ultimate Rental Management Solution with Quickbooks Integration

Integration with Microsoft® Office Outlook® ensures real time additions and updates to your Contacts, Tasks and Calendar saving time and improving accuracy. And when coupled with Microsoft® ‘Business Contact Manager’ the SQLRental/Microsoft® Office combination represents a truly powerful application team - unparalleled in the Rental Software class. [Why is this important?]

Availability - SQLRental’s use of Microsoft SQL Server™ ensures that the system is better prepared to handle peak transaction periods, workstation/network failure and a large number of user connections.

Performance - You are assured that SQLRental will provide superior performance when compared to less robust rental software solutions. This is particularly true for Organizations that have a large number of users and/or a need for remote access.


With over 12 years of customer feedback SQLRental has compiled an impressive list of features and add-ons. Click here to request complete details on all of SQLRental's features.


The following industries represent a sample of the types of rental businesses using SQLRental:

- Radio & Communication Equipment

- Heavy Equipment

- Offshore Oilrig Safety Equipment

- Real Estate Staging

- Traffic Control

- Party Supplies

- Construction Equipment

- Tools

We're also excited to announce two new SQLRental add-ons:

SQLRental Event Manager & SQLRental GPS
  • SQLRental Event Manager - An optional SQLRental component which will help you, or your customers, better manage rental events.

  • SQLRental GPS - Track high value, GPS equipped assets natively in SQLRental. Combined with SQLRental's exceptional Alert system you will always be in touch with your more valuable inventory. Ships Q1 2010.

Additional Information Click here to request additional information

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