Core Consulting Services, Inc.Core Consulting Services, Inc.


Application/Database Integration - Most organizations have a variety of Application and Data 'Islands' that hold information ranging from spreadsheets to Departmental Database Servers. CCSI may have a solution that can help provide your organization a 'single version of the truth'. [more]

Analytics/Data Warehousing - Making better business decisions quickly is the key to succeeding in today's competitive business environment. CCSI can provide your organization with true insight into your customers, your business and your future. [more]

Database Design and Administration - Every organization has at least one database and managing data resources can require serious time commitments. CCSI can help you plan and manage your business data efficiently. [more]

Project Management - Small and Medium sized organizations are actively engaging in more multi-provider projects in which any number of Solution Providers may be converging on a single project. CCSI can provide your organization the assurance of a successful and cost effective solution deployment. [more]

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