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Project Management

Small and Medium sized organizations are actively engaging in more multi-provider projects in which any number of Solution Providers may be converging on a single project.

To help minimize the exponential cost risk in these situations our customers have turned to our Project Management experience to assure their projects stay on track and on budget.

More importantly, our Project Management Services orchestrate all project activity to assure the best use of your company resources.

Should you outsource project management Should you outsource Project Management?

Our standard offering focuses on four key areas:

1) Project Planning - The foundation of every successful project is expert planning. CCSI brings over 35 years of cumulative enterprise class project experience with core competencies that include :

  • Defining and Architecting project approach, scope, plans and deliverables
  • Resource Planning
  • Activity Planning and Sequencing
  • Schedule Development
  • Development of realistic work estimates, financial budgets and timelines.
  • Assurance that Project Plans are accurate and dependencies between teams are well defined.
  • Defining (and monitoring) procedures for time accounting, internal billing, expense reporting, project tracking and training

2) Contract Management - Project agreements are a key part of defining, measuring and enforcing the deliverables in any project. CCSI can assist in assuring that all agreements stay focused on your needs and requirements. CCSI’s broad project experience helps deliver the following:

  • Assist in creation of Project agreements and addendums
  • Safeguard Intellectual Property and Confidentiality
  • Rate and license fee research and analysis
  • Licensing compliance and requirements
  • Qualify and manage sign-off activity

3) Risk Management - Mitigating risk is a key benefit of engaging a Project Manager. While good planning can help - diligent monitoring of, and quick responses to, the inevitable project ‘bumps’ can make the difference between project success or failure. The value CCSI can bring to managing project risk would include:

  • Defining project issue resolution and risk management processes
  • Diligent monitoring of progress toward goals
  • Monitoring of performance to ensure that financials and staffing for the project are on schedule
  • Analysis of project status reports, schedules, team structures, roles and responsibilities
  • Overall project management in multi-vendor deployments - ensuring dependent projects are working cohesively together
  • Proactively resolving technical, project and business issues
  • Assuring proper allocation of resources

4) Quality Management - Your organization takes great pains in assuring the products or services you provide are simply the best. Expecting the same of your Solution Providers is not only good business but a key requirement in any project. CCSI prides itself in the quality of the solutions we provide and we’ve developed Quality Control practices that we feel are some of the most stringent in the industry:

  • Definition and execution of QA criteria and reviews
  • Collaborate with Team members to assure your needs and expectations are met.
  • Balance the development needs of team members with the requirements of the project
  • Assure that the appropriate Quality Management principles, processes and tools are being utilized
  • Document the deliverables and activities performed to meet your expectations
  • Act as liaison with senior management to ensure your satisfaction with the project/program undertaken  

Key Benefits

  • Multi-vendor resource management for maximum Provider productivity
  • Proactive Project time/cost monitoring
  • Minimize risk and project scope changes
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