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SQLRental Event Manager

SQLRental Event Manager

Manage the Challenges and Opportunities of Customer Events

Our SQLRental Event Manager plug-in will help you better manage the unique challenges and opportunities of Customer Rental Events by providing SQLRental functionality to any user, anytime and anywhere.  Event Manager has been time tested in events ranging from the Oscars® and Emmys® to PGA™ Golf tournaments and NASCAR™ auto racing.  

Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone  


With its centralized database management and web based access Event Manager can provide 24x7 support for your Customer’s rental events.

Additionally, by providing complete integration with SQLRental you’ll be better prepared to respond to customer event requests - in real time.


Event Manager is provided in two configurations:

  • Self Hosted - All Event Manager data is stored on your local server while providing secure access to event data from any authorized PC - anywhere. The most cost effective solution for rental businesses managing a large number of Events.

  • CCSI Hosted - Event Manager data is stored on our secure web based servers providing ‘pay as you go’ support for customer event management. Our CCSI Hosted configuration relieves you and your team of securing and maintaining sensitive data from web based access.

No matter which configuration you choose you’re assured that Event data is accessible to any authorized user at anytime.


Event Manager can provide all the functionality of SQLRental to your team or your customers.
Event Manager

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